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Here at the Center for Behavioral and Decision Research, we are interested in connecting individuals with opportunities to be involved in cutting edge research. To do so, we have created the CBDR Participant Pool, where we hope to engage individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

The CBDR Participant Pool is designed to be an experimental website where:

  • Participants from anywhere inside and outside the United States can participate in paid online surveys
  • Residents local to Pittsburgh can sign up for paid on-campus studies or for paid online surveys
  • CMU students can participate in research to receive class credit or sign up for paid studies

The studies:

There are many kinds of studies run at the CBDR Participant Pool. For example, you might be asked to fill out questionnaires, to view videos, play games, interact with others in a group, or make judgments on a computer. Most studies range from 15 minutes to one hours, and can take place either on the Carnegie Mellon campus or online.


You can earn study pool credit or monetary compensation for participating in our research. Online studies are often compensated in the form of the opportunity to win prizes (e.g. lotteries). The studies themselves take only 10-20 minutes on average, and while prizes are not guaranteed, on average, we have 1-2 winners per week of $10-$25 gift certificates. Longer studies may involve guaranteed payment. These will all be compensated in the form of gift certificates to online vendors like Amazon.com.

For studies that take place on the CMU campus, compensation can either be monetary, drink and food, or class credit (for students required to fulfill class requirements).

egardless of study itself, you will always be informed, ahead of time, how you will be compensated for participating.


The number of studies available to you to take depends on how many participants each researcher needs and what kind of studies are being conducted. If you don't see any available online surveys, on-campus paid studies or studies for class credit, don't worry! New studies will be posted periodically, so check back at a later time for more opportunities to participate.

To sign up:

You will have to create an account to view the surveys available through the CBDR Participant Pool. Go to http://cmu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8HBDqMslYKzguuF and provided basic demographic information. (NOTE: We do not share or sell your confidential information with any person or organization.) Once you have provided basic demographic information you will receive an email within 72-hours containing your username and password.

Go to the CBDR Participant Pool website, and once you have entered your account, you will be required to answer some preliminary questions about yourself. Again, these are private and confidential, and used primarily to track the general composition of the Participant Pool.

Please e-mail cbdr-lab@andrew.cmu.edu if you have any questions
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